About One Step Beyond Inc.

How We Started

Founded in 1993, by Ivan Samila, Clinical Orthotist, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Ivan Samila founded OSB with the desire ot better the lives of people with mobility challenges and support professionals in the clinical and technical fields. With extensive experience in orthotics since 1989, Ivan has worked at the Hospital for Sick Children, bloorview-McMillan Children's Centre, and Lyndhurst Rehabilitation Centre. Currently, Ivan designs for the Matrx line of seating at Motion Concepts.

Innovations & Products


A no-drill, quick-release front license plate system for exotic cars.

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Enhancing safety and efficiency for motorized wheelchair technicians

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Avos Arrow

Ivan helped design and manufacture this carbon fiber hand-powered trike, part of the "Fastest Land Speed Bike" project, winning the world record in 2009, reaching 70.28km/hr. The team includes, Mike Sova, Ivan Samila, Greg Westlake, and Colleen Samila.

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