About Us

One Step Beyond Inc. (OSB)  and was founded in 1993  by Ivan Samila, Clinical Orthotist in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Ivan founded OSB after years of clinical Orthotics experience with the desire to better the lives of people with mobility challenges and for the clinical and technical professionals in the field.

Since graduating as a Clinical Orthotist in 1989, Ivan has worked in the clinical environment at the Hospital for Sick Children, Bloorview-McMillan Children's Centre and the Lyndhurst Rehabilitation Centre and is now at Motion Concepts designing for the Matrx line of seating.


AVOS ARROW - Ivan was also part of the design and manufacturing of a carbon fibre hand powered trike for the “Fastest Land Speed Hand Bike” project which ran in late 2009.  

The team consisted of Mike Sova, Ivan Samila, Greg Westlake and Colleen Samila.  The Avos Arrow was aptly named to remember the famed Canadian Avro arrow with the name coming about by reversing Mike’s surname.  (Sova – Avos)

On October 27, 2009 -- GREG WESTLAKE, 43.495 MPH, 69.998 KPH, Avos Arrow WORLD RECORD, Arm Powered, 4th time in event, Historical note: exceeds the first legendary leg-powered HPV record of 43.02 mph by Ron Skarin in 1974. Ron was pedaling Dr. Chet Kyle's upright streamliner. He was an Olympic cyclist, later in the Hall of Fame. That speed started off the modern-day human powered speed championships. Now Greg, using only arm-power had exceeded that!

The Avos Arrow trike did break the land speed record for a hand powered vehicle in September 2011 running – 45.68 MPH, new World Record. 


This record was only recently beat at the 2018 Battle Mountain even run by IHPVA - International Human Powered Vehicle Association - WHPSC.