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The Avos Arrow was aptly named to remember the famed Avro Arrow, and Avos is Mike’s last name spelled backwards – the team consists of Mike Savo, Ivan Samila, Greg Westlake and Colleen Samila.

October 27, 2009 -- GREG WESTLAKE, 43.495 MPH, 69.998 KPH, Avos Arrow WORLD RECORD

Arm Powered, 4th time in event, Historical note: exceeds the first legendary leg-powered HPV record of 43.02 mph by Ron Skarin in 1974. Ron was pedaling Dr. Chet Kyle's upright streamliner. He was an Olympic cyclist, later in the Hall of Fame. That speed started off the modern-day human powered speed championships. Now Greg, using only arm-power has exceeded that!

September 19, 2011 – GREG WESTLAKE – 45.68 MPH, NEW WORLD RECORD

Well, it was a long hard week in Battle Mountain. Weather, wind and fate didn't see us break 50mph, but the team gave it's all and we did come away this week with a new world record of 45.68mph.

It would be wonderful if in the future, another arm powered team would step up to the plate and challenge this record -- then the game's on!

It's 6am here in Battle Mountain, we are on our way home to Toronto and I will post the photos of the last couple of days soon.

Thanks for all your support and best wishes.

What an amazing day it was, first run at the five mile runup and Greg breaks the World Record for Arm Powered Vehicles with a whopping 45.68 miles per hour.... and it is only his first day -- some tweaks on the trike planned for tomorrow and out again in the evening!! Stay tuned only good things to come.

First time in the trike in two years and the first run was clocked at 42 Mph which is only one mile off his current record! We are sure to smash his current world record of 43.2 go Greg!

Greg Westlake, Ivan Samila, Mike Sova, Colleen McMullen
Team Avos Arrow



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